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Hafiz dismisses possibility of splitting BNP, forming new party - EN-vinnabarta

Hafiz dismisses possibility of splitting BNP, forming new party

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  • Update Time : Wednesday, November 8, 2023
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The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party vice-chairman, Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, on Wednesday dismissed the possibility of forming a new political party by splitting BNP.

‘I am an unimportant person in BNP politics. I have lost interest in politics due to physical condition,’ he said at a press conference at his Banana home in Dhaka.

His comment came amid speculation that the BNP leader might form a new party by splitting BNP or he might join a political party to take part in the upcoming general election under the ruling Awami League government while BNP, along with its allies, was on street movement demanding the upcoming national election under a neutral government.

The speculation spread mainly after information minister Hasan Mahmud’s Monday comment that many people were standing in line to join Trinamool BNP and that another party, led by former BNP minister Hafiz, was going to be formed.

In this backdrop, the former minister, Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, called a press conference at his home on Wednesday to clarify his stand.

‘I have not found any remedy anywhere. The party [BNP] issued a show cause notice to me with 11 frivolous allegations. I had no connection with Shaukat Mahmood.’

The BNP vice chairman said that BNP should go for elections.

‘Instead of insisting on a caretaker government, alternative solutions should be thought,’ Hafiz said.

‘If the elections are fair, BNP will come to power. Because, BNP is the most popular party,’ he said.

He expressed hope that the army will be in the field in the next election.

Hafiz also said that he would retire from politics soon due to physical reasons.

‘I want to stay with this party [BNP] till the end of my life,’ he said.