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Those dreaming to oust govt living in fools’ paradise: Quader - EN-vinnabarta

Those dreaming to oust govt living in fools’ paradise: Quader

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  • Update Time : Monday, October 17, 2022
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Awami League general secretary and road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader on Monday said those, who think that they would be able to topple the government through some rallies, are living in a fools’ paradise.

‘AL is not a political party that came floating in the stream of water (rather) its roots are deeply rooted into the soil and connected with the people of this country. It is not possible to topple the government with a few rallies,’ he said referring to BNP leaders.

The AL general secretary made the remarks at a press conference at his residence in the city.

Noting that BNP is daydreaming about creating another One Eleven, he said, ‘The daydream about creating another One Eleven will bring no result. Repetition of One Eleven will never take place in Bangladesh’.

Referring to BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Quader said the apex court of the country abolished the caretaker government system; it was not a decision of the AL government.

‘Only Almighty Allah and the country’s people know who will be in the state power and who will not be in power till 2041,’ the AL general secretary added.

AL believes in vote politics and has respect towards people’s trust, Quader said, adding, ‘If the country’s people want, AL will form the government (again), if they don’t want, it won’t. Sheikh Hasina has this honest courage’.

Power is not a perpetual motion, if anyone works for the welfare of the people, the people never turn anyone away from him or her, he said, adding that’s why Awami League has been doing people’s politics since its birth.

Mentioning that AL does not believe in the politics of conspiracy, the AL general secretary said BNP does the politics of conspiracy, murder and arson attacks.

Terming BNP as an ingrate party, Quader said, ‘Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has freed their leader by executive order and allowed her to stay at home. But they do not have that humanity and sense of gratitude’.

Claiming that BNP opposes only for opposing, he said whatever the government does, BNP starts blindly criticizing it without assessment.

Speaking about the election, the road transport and bridges minster said that the next general election will be held as per the country’s constitution like other democratic countries across the world.

‘BNP must join the polls if they do politics for the county’s people,’ he added.

Regarding democratic practice in BNP, Quader questioned, ‘How will they, who can’t practice democracy inside their own party, establish democracy in the country?’

Mentioning that BNP secretary general has been holding the post without any party council for many years, he said even Fakhrul himself might not know when the BNP’s council was held.

Referring to BNP secretary general’s remark that stated ‘road transport and bridges minister should step down’, Quader said, ‘At first, you should learn understanding the reality. How much mega projects have been implemented under my ministry across the country at the directives of the Prime Minister and what a revolutionary change has taken place in the country’s communication system — the people of the country know it well, but BNP is pretending not to know that’.

Road transport and bridges minister said, ‘I have projected the reality of the BRT projects, I have the honest courage to acknowledge the truth. As ministers, we are not passing idle time. Directives have been given to end the works soon and it is being monitored regularly.