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The website's user interface is similar to other competitor dating sites such as Match but with subtle user-friendly changes - EN-vinnabarta

The website’s user interface is similar to other competitor dating sites such as Match but with subtle user-friendly changes

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  • Update Time : Friday, April 15, 2022
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The website’s user interface is similar to other competitor dating sites such as Match but with subtle user-friendly changes

Ourtime allows users to filter profiles on the basis of various criteria including age, location, and others. You can use any of these filters to narrow down your search so that you do not unnecessarily waste time.

Moreover, the website provides you with a fair amount of control on who you choose to interact with. Its Contact Filter helps you block unwanted people from contacting you.

While these were some of the standard features, Ourtime also goes a bit extra when compared to other dating websites which makes Ourtime much more special:

? You can buy the Notify Me option with tokens. This way, you will be instantly notified whenever a user shows interest in your profile. ? You can track your activities on the website. Thus, you can instantly see whether you have previously seen a particular profile or initiated communication. ? You can keep your phone number and e-mail private while still being able to send texts and chatting through the Connect Me feature. ? You can even browse other user profiles without them knowing by choosing the Incognito mode. ? If you want to increase your profile’s visibility, you can choose the Boost option and appear at the top of the search results. This feature is available only in the paid subscriptions. ? Send winks’ to users to show your interest or try to enamor them with digital gifts. ? If you are a person of few words and find it difficult to express yourself, make use of the ProfilePro option to set up an interesting and attractive profile by getting professional writers to help you out.

Ease Of Use

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Since Ourtime has been designed for an older generation of users, special attention has been paid to ensure that it is easy to use and requires little technical know-how.

The initial log in and sign up process is extremely detailed with careful instructions about each step so that there is a minimal possibility of making a mistake. After setting up the profile, there are numerous drop downs and sections which help you in modifying your profile, such as uploading new pictures, changing personal information and buying or renewing subscription plans.

The search feature at Ourtime also facilitates smooth browsing of user profiles. The Basic Search feature allows you to filter the profiles on the basis of basic criteria such as age and gender while the Advanced Search allows you to add more filters such as education and religion to provide more refined results.

Apart from that, the website comes equipped with a recommendation feature which showcases the profile of all those people who match your preferences. This helps you find the right matches which are in line with your tastes and desires. This gives it more appealing for the less tech-savvy older generation.

Available as a website as well as a dedicated app on both iOS and Android, Ourtime is the ideal alternative to the likes of eharmony and Match and helps the older generation connect, meet, and date.

You can communicate with other users through a range of options such as e-mail, chat, text, message, and phone, and you can even send and receive emojis and digital gifts!

Ourtime Safety and Security

Undoubtedly, the safety of personal data online is one of the biggest concerns, especially when sensitive information like bank account details is involved. Fortunately, OurTime follows a strict non-disclosure policy. In fact, not only are the personal details protected from being misused by hackers and spammers, but these details are also hidden from other users unless and until they choose to disclose them.