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JS goes into winter session on January 5 - EN-vinnabarta

JS goes into winter session on January 5

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  • Update Time : Monday, December 19, 2022
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President Abdul Hamid on Monday convened the 21st session of the 11th Parliament on January 5, 2023.

The President convened the first session of 2023, exercising the power bestowed upon him as per the Clause (1) of Article 72 of the constitution, said a press release of Parliament Secretariat.

The winter session will begin at 4:00pm on January 5.

The President has to address the first parliament session in a new year, according to Article 73(2) of the Constitution. Later, there’ll be a discussion over a thanksgiving motion on the President’s speech in the House during the session.

Earlier, the 20th session of the current parliament was prorogued on November 6 only after six sittings. So, the House is going into session after a recess of 59 days.