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Armed forces members need to keep pace new patterns of crime: PM - EN-vinnabarta

Armed forces members need to keep pace new patterns of crime: PM

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  • Update Time : Tuesday, December 13, 2022
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Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday stressed the need for addressing traditional and non-traditional threats to ensure national security as the pattern of crimes has changed with the advent of newer technology.

‘Nowadays, the security concept is changed as on the one hand, digital devices brought many advantages and on the other hand changed the pattern of terrorism, militancy and crimes. So, it is equally important to defend non-traditional and traditional threats to ensure national security,’ she said.

She also said that she wanted a peaceful environment to prevail in Bangladesh and a dded, ‘We have taken the country ahead following such a way.’

The prime minister was addressing the graduation ceremony of Defence Services Command and Staff College Course-2022 as the chief guest and handing over certificates among the graduates at the DSCSC’s Sheikh Hasina Complex at Mirpur Cantonment in Dhaka.

Sheikh Hasina reiterated her call to the world leaders to stop the Russia-Ukraine war immediately for the welfare of the global community.

‘We don’t want war rather want peace. We want to resolve all disputes and differences through talks,’ she added

The prime minister said her government was making the armed forces developed and powerful not to engage in war with anyone.

‘Our foreign policy — Friendship to All, Malice to None — is very clear. We’re running the state with maintaining friendly relations to all following the foreign policy adopted by the father of the nation,’ she said.

The prime minister said they had even not engaged in any quarrel with Myanmar over repatriation of their forcibly displaced national Rohingyas to their home land.

‘We’re trying to solve the problem through discussions,’ she added.

The prime minister referred to solving the land boundary issue with India through discussion and establishing rights in the vast sea areas and on its resources after winning legal battles with neighbouring India and Myanmar maintaining friendly relations.

She once again alerted the countrymen against rumour about the foreign currency reserve and liquidity in banks, saying, ‘A vested quarter is out to spread rumours about the foreign reserve and liquidity in banks. Don’t pay heed to the rumour.’

Sheikh Hasina said her government had been able to transform Bangladesh into a digital and developing country in line with the vision-2021 mentioned in the election manifesto of 2008.

‘It is a great achievement for us to make Bangladesh a developing country when the nation celebrates the birth centenary of father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the golden jubilee of the country’s independence,’ she said.

The prime minister said they were now out to make Bangladesh a developed and prosperous country and transform digital Bangladesh into smart Bangladesh by implementing the vision-2041.

She greeted 250 officers, including 46 from 21 friendly countries for completing their DSCSC Course-2022 and hoped the local graduates would take the country to a dignified position using their knowledge, willing power and commitment acquired from the training.

‘This year, eight female officers graduated from the DSCSC,’ she said, adding that a total of 5979 personnel from home and abroad had so far graduated from the DSCSC.

The prime minister extended her heartiest congratulation to foreign graduates.

She said, ‘I believe you have compassion and respect for Bangladesh and our people in your hearts. So, I expect you will act as goodwill ambassadors of Bangladesh from now on. I wish you every success in life.’

The prime minister said her government had taken various initiatives to transform the armed forces into modern and powerful alongside making socio-economic development upon assuming power through people’s mandate in 1996 after 21 years.

At that time, she said her government had built the National Defence College in 1998, Military Institute of Science and Technology in 1999, Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operation Training and Armed Forces Medical College alongside appointing female officers in the army, navy and air forces in 2000.

Sheikh Hasina said her government was implementing short, mid and long term plans to make ultra-modern, time-befitting, and more developed armed forces since her party is in power for the third consecutive term from 2009.

‘We are taking measures to make the armed forces more modern and developed after coming to power for the second time by implementing the Forces Goal-2030 in line with the Defence Policy, 1974 formulated by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,’ she said.

The prime minister attached topmost priority to training, saying that the overall standard of armed forces would not be achieved through only collecting the world class war weapons, rather it required time-befitting and future oriented training alongside the war weapons.

She said her government was working to make the armed forces personnel as competent enough as none of them lags behind compared to any force of the globe.

The prime minister said that her government had introduced a digital system in all the forces including the armed forces.

Besides, the government is making all citizens technologically sound to develop them worthy of doing work effectively during the fourth industrial revolution.