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476 killed in road accidents in September: report - EN-vinnabarta

476 killed in road accidents in September: report

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  • Update Time : Monday, October 3, 2022
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At least 476 people were killed and 794 others injured in 407 road accidents in Bangladesh in September this year, according to a report published on Monday by the Road Safety Foundation.

The report said that motorcycles were involved in 182 road accidents which accounted for 44.71 per cent of the total road crashes.

Of the total victims, 169 people or 35.5 per cent were killed in motorcycle accidents, 103 people or 21.63 per cent were pedestrians and 63 people or 13.23 per cent were transport workers – drivers and other support staff.

In August, 519 people were killed in road accidents which reduced by 5.25 per cent in September. In, September on an average about 15.86 people were killed daily in road accidents.

The survey found that 78 people were killed and three remained missing in nine waterway accidents and 19 people were killed and six others injured in 21 railway accidents.

The report was prepared on the basis of the news coverage of traffic accidents in nine national dailies, seven online news portals and television channels.

Of the deceased in road accidents 384 people or 80.67 per cent, aged between 18 and 65 years, fell under the working-class category.

The report also showed that among the total road fatalities in August, 77 were children while 62 were school, college and university level students and 14 were teachers.

Besides, the motorcyclists and pedestrians, 104 victims were comprised of passengers and staff of different three-wheeler vehicles like easy bikes, CNG-run auto-rickshaws and mishuks, 36 were bus passengers, 28 were passengers and staff of trucks, pickup vans, tractors and trolleys, 14 were bicycle, van and rickshaw passengers and riders, 13 were passengers and staff of locally made vehicles, and nine were passengers and staff of microbus, car, ambulance and jeep.

The highest 45.94 per cent of accidents were attributed to the loss of control over vehicles followed by 25.79 per cent of accidents which took place after hitting pedestrians, 16.21 per cent to head-on collision, 10 per cent hit vehicles from behind and 1.96 per cent were caused by other reasons.

It also showed that 158 accidents took place on regional highways followed by 134 on national highways, 73 on rural roads, 36 on urban roads and six on other roads.

The highest percentage of accidents, 26.53 per cent, took place in the morning while 23.34 per cent at night, 21.62 per cent at noon, 17.19 per cent in the afternoon, 7.37 per cent in the evening and 3.93 per cent at dawn.

The report also said that 23 were killed and 37 more were injured in the capital in 29 accidents.